Sunday, June 24, 2012

My newest sewing machine.

So, a friend of mine talked the boyfriend and I into attending an urban fantasy LARP, and in pursuit of costuming items, we went out to the local Value Village.

When there, we found this beautiful 1950s Singer in a cabinet, and it had the manual in one of the drawers. We bought it on the spot, and took it home, dusted it off, and plugged it in. Everything works wonderfully. There was a bit of errant thread wrapped around the bobbin race that was causing it to jam. That's it. The motor quietly purrs, the needle and thread uptake moves smoothly, and the hand wheel and bobbin spin freely. The pedal can be set up to work as a foot pedal or a knee pedal, and the cabinet is slightly scratched, but still in beautiful condition.

The best part? It was only $50, and another $15 got us all the presser feet that came with it, plus two vintage buttonholers.

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