Saturday, January 26, 2013

Asura + Obitsu Soft Bust Large Pattern

My boyfriend and I decided that an OOAK doll by me would be a good present for a friend. So, I present to you: Asura!

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Since it's based off the character she's playing in our tabletop roleplaying game, Asura is a scholarly succubus who rules one of the powerful courts in an urban fantasy setting. Described as having wings and a tail, bright red hair with a streak of opal, and opalescent eyes, the rest was up to me to envision. I chose a purple crushed silk taffeta for the shirt, and real leather with a stretch lace insert for the pants.  Her belt is also real leather, with a silver clasp for the fashion buckle. The wings and tail are Sculpey.

I drafted the following patterns for this doll. I'm putting them out here under the Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons License. Feel free to use this pattern, sell stuff you've made from it, tweak it, use it as a base for something else, whatever. Just make sure that you let me know, and if you modify it, you put it up for others to use it too.

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