Sunday, May 20, 2012

Urban Decay - The Corset

The corset is nearly complete! I drafted the pattern using Drea Leed's custom corset generator, and with minor fiddling, it's turned out lovely! The only problem is that I wanted a gap in the back, and it meets exactly, so that's an easy enough fix. Tomorrow I add grommets, give it a final fitting, and then decide on my binding. Then I get to work on the rest of it.

I decided that two layers would be a good idea, since I was using an unidentified blue fabric from my stash, and while it's kinda thin, it's also not very stretchy, it's fairly tightly woven, and it's a natural fiber. I'm using an oak busk that my wonderful boyfriend made for me, and I'm using heavy-duty cable ties for the boning. I may add more boning channels once I test fit it again, before I add the binding.

So, without ado, pictures so far!